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Cascade Countertops, LLC started in 2014 with one major goal in mind: Create beautiful countertops for our community. After a decade in the industry, and half of that time spent running our own company, we’ve finely tuned the artistry of countertop crafting to a science.

We know how to fabricate and install countertops so there aren’t any faults, flaws or cracks. We know how to make countertops fit into uneven or oddly shaped spaces. Every challenge we have faced, we have overcome. When people want to install countertops in their homes, they look to us. We have the accomplishments to back up our promises.

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Find out what sets us apart from other countertop companies

Find out what sets us apart from other countertop companies

There are a couple of factors that distinguish Cascade Countertops from the rest of the pack. These include:

  • Our fast turnaround times
  • Our top-quality work
  • Our affordable pricing


Another important detail? We’re a family-owned and -operated company. We understand how important solid counters can be to a family. We also understand what happens when you have children spilling drinks and dropping dishes on your countertops. That’s why, in addition to installing countertops, we also repair them.

Reach out today to hire us for stone countertop installation or repair.